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RoodMicrotec is a semiconductor company that supplies products and services to the industrial market.

These products are semiconductors, also called ‘chips’, which are developed and manufactured to the customers’ specifications. RoodMicrotec designs the chip with partners, subcontracts the ‘wafer’ and packaging to other companies, and tests, qualifies and investigates the chip’s functionality and quality. RoodMicrotec provides its services also independently to industrial companies, mainly companies that do not have (one or more) specific services in house. Due to its independent position, RoodMicrotec never competes with its customers. RoodMicrotec operates globally, but most of its operations are concentrated in Europe.

RoodMicotec's services across wafer, package IC, printed board assembly, printed circuit board and interconnection technology (soldering, glueing, crimping) covers:

  • (eXtended) Supply Chain Services
  • Engineering services, test program development
  • Qualification & Reliability investigations
  • Optomechanical qualifications
  • Failure & Technological analysis, ESD consulting and measurements - also in production lines
  • Device testing, device programming, end-of-line services

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Annual report 2014 now published

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SAVE THE DATE: 22nd October 2015 in Stuttgart

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