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Press releases 2017

Thursday 09. November 2017
Trading Update: RoodMicrotec continues its positive upward trend - Revenues in the first three quarters increased by 16 percent year-on-year

• Revenue Q3/2017 significant higher in comparison to last year • Book-to-bill ratio above one • Positive cash flow generated from operations • Youssef El Mamoune new Sales & Marketing Manager [more]

Tuesday 24. October 2017
Interview with Martin Sallenhag, CEO

Follow the link Interview (in German only) has been published in Markt & Technik, 43/2017 PDF of the article  [more]

Tuesday 26. September 2017
RoodMicrotec - Project Partner in publicly funded project EuroPAT-MASIP

EuroPAT-MASIP project secures ECSEL funding to bring semiconductor packaging back to Europe[more]

Tuesday 05. September 2017
RoodMicrotec wins two new orders worth more than EUR 250,000 in total

• Orders for reliability investigations and quality improvement process confirm RoodMicrotec’s competitive edge • RoodMicrotec intensifies its expertise in consulting services by creating a new “Reliablilty Competence...[more]

Thursday 03. August 2017
First half 2017: RoodMicrotec achieves significant improvement in net result

Improvement in net result - +19% sales with positive EBITDA, EBIT, book-to-bill, main drivers Supply Chain Management and Test Engineering - financial calendar and Interim Report 2017 [more]

Thursday 06. July 2017
RoodMicrotec's half year sales rises 19 percent

Overview on half year sales, Outlook 2017, Financial agenda 2017/2018 [more]

Thursday 08. June 2017
RoodMicrotec ramps up two major SCM projects for production, as client extends lifetime of healthcare project to 15 years

Automotive SCM project launced into production Healthcare project - production term extended to 15 years [more]

Monday 29. May 2017
New ams Foundry Ecosystem provides solutions for ASIC design service, testing and fabrication

OEMs, system integrators and innovative start-ups can now get their ASIC solutions to market more quickly and more easily thanks to cooperation between ams, Fraunhofer IIS and RoodMicrotec[more]

Thursday 27. April 2017
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders - 8th June 2017

Invitation   Agenda   Proxy (English only)   [more]

Wednesday 26. April 2017
RoodMicrotec Annual Report 2016 and Trading update: Q1 2017 Revenue Rises 15% Year-on-Year and Three New Supply Chain Orders Secured Across Key European Markets

Annual report 2016 - increase in revenue in q1/2017 - three new supply chain-orders - outlook 2017 - shareholders meeting on June 8, 2017 - financial agenda 2017 [more]

Thursday 09. March 2017
RoodMicrotec reports 20% increase in sales orders in 2016

Unaudited annual figures 2016, commercial/operational and financial highlights, key figures, developement, personnel and organisation, strategy, outlook 2017[more]

Tuesday 10. January 2017
RoodMicrotec sees strong sales momentum in H2 2016, Order value up 20% year-on-year

Preliminary sales figures 2016 with explanations, outlook, financial agenda [more]

Press releases 2016

Monday 12. December 2016
RoodMicrotec gains EUR 5 million in new contracts

SCM project for a German client busy in industrial and automotive sector - participating in publicly funded project EuroPAT-MASIP ... [more]

Friday 09. December 2016
Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting - January 26, 2017

Invitation   Agenda   [more]

Monday 28. November 2016
RoodMicrotec - Sales growth outpacing semiconductor market on strong order book

Sales revenue growth expected to outpace growth of underlying global market - basis is a strong forward order book especially for SCM projects - RoodMicrotec also maintains its previous guidance on forecast [more]

Monday 14. November 2016
Trading Update - RoodMicrotec nominates supervisory board of the next generation on 30 years business anniversary

Nomination of Herman Bartelink, Jeroen Tuik; Philip Nijenhuis stepping down; book-to-bill ratio above 1.1; new orders coming in; financial calendar [more]

Thursday 20. October 2016
RoodMicrotec appoints new CFO

Arvid Ladega appointed as CFO from November 1st 2016 - Erwin Vrielink will stay on as financial advisor[more]

Tuesday 27. September 2016
RoodMicrotec Warrants ISIN NL0010611406 with exercise price of EUR 0.15 exercisable from 3rd to 7th October 2016

Warrants ISIN NL0010611406 last time exercisable; exercise period from Monday 3rd up to and including Friday 7th October 2016; exercise form attached [more]

Wednesday 31. August 2016
RoodMicrotec to Double Sales with Altec Electronic AG by 2018

Sales channel agreement signed for the distribution of RoodMicrotec services in the Swiss market; doubling sales with Altec Electronic AG by 2018[more]

Thursday 25. August 2016
RoodMicrotec year-on-year sales stable in first half year 2016, as high quote portfolio sets stage for positive 2017

Result 1st half with key figures plus Interim Report (in a seperate document) [more]

Wednesday 10. August 2016
RoodMicrotec secures two new orders with Chinese and European market leaders in automotive and aerospace

Strengthening position by securing orders with two large suppliers in automotive and aerospace industries; support of customers in failure analysis and visual inspection of microchips; both orders are expected to lead to further...[more]

Friday 05. August 2016
RoodMicrotec N.V. appoints Douwe de Boer (1959) as Interim CFO

Download the information  [more]

Thursday 07. July 2016
RoodMicrotec's stable first half 2016 sales sets stage for expansion through 2017

Turnover 1st half 2016 including some discussion, outlook 2016, financial agenda, forward looking statements [more]

Thursday 23. June 2016
RoodMicrotec appoints new CEO to lead growth fuelled by rise of "Internet of Things"

Martin Sallenhag appointed as CEO Reinhard Pusch appointed as COO Philip Nijenhuis stepping back to join the supervisory board as a non-executive director Restructuring of a unified board, extraordinary shareholders meeting to...[more]

Wednesday 25. May 2016
New era for Internet of Things approaches as RoodMicrotec and Cascoda bring superior wireless connectivity to market

RoodMicrotec and Cascoda formed a partnership for the supply of the product CA-8210 a high capability, next generation wireless device set for IoT application. First shipment has already been made. The future of IoT....[more]

Wednesday 11. May 2016
RoodMicrotec Trading Update - Start of production of major contract brought forward

Sales in first quarter matched outlook 2016 Start of production of major contract brought forward Testing equipment V93k and 12" wafer prober already in engineering phase / production set-up Outlook Financial agenda 2016[more]

Tuesday 26. April 2016
RoodMicrotec: Annual Report 2015

Publication of the annual report 2015 on April 26, 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 7 June 2016 in Amsterdam Financial agenda Consolidated statement of profit or loss, consolidated finacial position 2015,...[more]

Tuesday 12. April 2016
Annual report not yet fully completed

Work on the annual report is progressing satisfactorily. Delays due to various circumstances. Publishing postponed to 26 April 2016. Annual General Meeting will be on 7 June 2016[more]

Wednesday 30. March 2016
RoodMicrotec - Transfer of warrants ISIN NL0011556972 with EUR 0.21 exercise price

Transfer of warrants with exercise periods and warrant plan [more]

Thursday 10. March 2016
RoodMicrotec: EBITDA improved in 2015; new contracts boost our future sales expectations

2015 commercial/operational and financial highlights; key figures; sales overview; developments, trends (outsourcing, automotive, industrial (Industry 4.0/IoT), high customer expectations), personnel and organisation, vision and...[more]

Thursday 03. March 2016
New business arrangements increase sales forecast by EUR 8 to 12 million

Arrangements made with automotive and industrial partners for new sales in the range of EUR 8 to EUR 12 million over a period of 8 years. New invest in newest generation of equipment - V93k mixed signal tester and a 12" wafer...[more]

Friday 26. February 2016
Home Member State

The Netherlands is RoodMicrotec N.V.'s Home Member State (EU Transparancy Directive)[more]

Monday 22. February 2016
RoodMicrotec - Announcement Martin Sallenhag and Reinhard Pusch

Nomination for appointment on May 26, 2016 of Martin Sallenhag as CEO/CTO and Reinhard Pusch as COO/CSO. Retirement of Philip Nijenhuis at the same date and starting as adviser, proposal to appoint Philp Nijenhuis as supervisory...[more]

Thursday 07. January 2016
3% Sales Growth in 2015

Preliminary sales figures 2015, semi-annual sales per business unit, comparison 2015 vs 2014, outlook, financial agenda, financial data not audited, forward-looking statements [more]

Press releases 2015

Thursday 17. December 2015
Higher Turnover expected for automotive order; Further strengthening of Supervisory Board

Higher turnover of the announced automotive order expected, Tom van Wijngaarden new member of SVB, marked improvement in Philip Nijenhuis's health[more]

Monday 30. November 2015
RoodMicrotec - Transfer and listing of warrants ISIN NL0011556972 with EUR 0.21 exercise price

Delivery of warrants on Monday 30 November 2015 - exercise periods of these warrants[more]

Thursday 12. November 2015
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update; Limited sales increase, and major order in automotive sector

Trading update Q3/2015, major order in automotive sector, outlook 2015, adjusted financial agenda 2016 [more]

Thursday 29. October 2015
RoodMicrotec N.V. - Philip Nijenhuis Announcement

Philip Nijenhuis has been taken ill and may take at least several weeks to recover. Reinhard Pusch will assume the role of COO Position CEO will be provided by an Executive Committee - Reinhard Pusch, Martin Sallenhag, Erwin...[more]

Wednesday 14. October 2015
RoodMicrotec strengthens its Sales & Marketing Team

Dr. Christin Gädtke will start on 1 November 2015 as Sales & Marketing Manager [more]

Tuesday 08. September 2015
RoodMicrotec N.V. appoints Erwin Vrielink as CFO, succeeding Remy Cuny

Download press release     Download picture Erwin Vrielink     [more]

Tuesday 01. September 2015
RoodMicrotec secures EUR 9 million order

Contract signed with an OEM with a turnover volume of appr. EUR 9 million over the life cycle of the product [more]

Thursday 27. August 2015
RoodMicrotec - Interim Report 2015

Summary HY1 2015 - Highlights HY1 2015 compared to HY1 2014 - Financial performance indicators - Report of Management including outlook, financial calender 2015/2016 - financial statements interim report 2015 [more]

Thursday 09. July 2015
RoodMicrotec N.V. - Sales rise in first half 2015

Revenue 1st half 2015 - split per business unit - outlook 2015 - financial agenda[more]

Thursday 02. July 2015
RoodMicrotec secures major order representing approx. EUR 25 million over 10 years

Significant mulit-year order received, EUR 25 million over 10 years, financing and warrant scheme [more]

Tuesday 09. June 2015
RoodMicrotec secures major orders

Long-term orders received, which will generate between 0.5 and 1 million EUR in annual recurring sales [more]

Monday 08. June 2015
RoodMicrotec - new automotive qualification for major Asian player

Automotive qualification according to VDA 6.3 [more]

Thursday 30. April 2015
RoodMicrotec: Annual figures for 2014

Highlights 2014 Commercial / operational and financials, key figures, audited financal statements 2014, trading update first quarter 2015, conference call Friday 1 May 2015 10:00 am, information meeting 13 May 2015 at 4 pm,...[more]

Thursday 02. April 2015
RoodMicrotec: definitive finalisation date of annual accounts and audit

definitve finalisation date - new date for annual general meeting [more]

Wednesday 11. March 2015
RoodMicrotec: Provisional annual figures for 2014

2014 Highlights - commercial/operational, financial, key figures, sales result, business units, trends, secured bond, co-creating - co-operation and co-investing, new product development, partnership with Fraunhofer Institute,...[more]

Wednesday 25. February 2015
RoodMicrotec: Audit of annual accounts not fully completed

Start-up period and extra work due to change of auditors - audit not yet completed - publishing of 2014 annual figures postponed to 12 March 2015 - Conference call will be held on 26 February 2015 at 8:30 a.m. [more]

Friday 30. January 2015
RoodMicrotec N.V. appoints Martin Sallenhag as CTO

Appointment of Martin Sallenhag as CTO as of 1 March 2015 after the death of Norbert Wirth [more]

Tuesday 27. January 2015
RoodMicrotec: Voting results of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders

Voting results of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of RoodMicrotec held on Friday 23 January 2015 [more]

Thursday 08. January 2015
RoodMicrotec: 9% sales growth in second half of 2014

Preliminary sales 2014, outlook 2015, financial agenda, forward-looking statements [more]

Press releases 2014

Friday 12. December 2014
Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

Convening notice for the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 23 January 2015 in Zwolle [more]

Friday 12. December 2014
Fraunhofer IIS and RoodMicrotec team up for complete ASIC solutions

RoodMicrotec and Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS have agreed to expand their existing cooperation. The aim is to offer their customers complete solutions from ASIC design to supply chain management.[more]

Thursday 13. November 2014
Trading Update - New Strategy is Bearing Fruit

Update 3rd quarter, new product development, outlook 2014, financial agenda 2015 [more]

Thursday 30. October 2014
Transfer and Listing of warrants ISIN NL0010938130 with EUR0.13 exercise price

Download the press release   [more]

Tuesday 30. September 2014
RoodMicrotec signs memorandum of understanding

MoU signed with a Fabless company that has developed a wireless device with great potential . . . [more]

Tuesday 02. September 2014
RoodMicrotec - Information Meeting 25 September

Invitation, programe and registration information [more]

Thursday 28. August 2014
RoodMicrotec - Interim Report 2014

Summary 1st half 2014, highlights, financial performance indicators, report of board of management, outlook 2014, financial agenda, financial statements interim report 2014 [more]

Thursday 10. July 2014
RoodMicrotec N.V. - Sharp increase in quotations

Revenue 1st half 2014 - outlook - financial agenda 2014/2015[more]

Wednesday 18. June 2014
RoodMicrotec N.V. - EUR 2.5 million bond issued throught NPEX oversubscribed

Subscription bond loans closed, subscription exceeded the maximum of EUR 2,500,000 - further procedure [more]

Thursday 05. June 2014
RoodMicrotec N.V. - Bond Subscription Open - Over EUR 2.0 million presubscribed

Subscription for the bonds is opened as of 6 pm on Thursday 5 June 2014.[more]

Tuesday 13. May 2014
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update; First quarter applications in Euros exceed 2013 annual sales; Great interest in pre-subscription for bond with mortgage cover

In line with expectations 1st quarter strong increase in operation - significant increase in number of applications - sales 1st quarter in line with expectations - intention to issue bond with mortgage cover - pre-subscription...[more]

Thursday 08. May 2014
RoodMicrotec N.V. - Bond with mortgage cover - preregistration

Preregistration open per email [more]

Thursday 08. May 2014
RoodMicrotec N.V. intends to issue bond loan with mortgage cover of EUR 2,500,000 through NPEX

Strategy RoodMicrotec - change in financial structure - Issuing a bond loand with mortgage cover with a maximum of EUR 2,500,000 nominal value [more]

Tuesday 22. April 2014
Communication with Shareholders

Download of the information    [more]

Thursday 13. March 2014
Annual Report 2013 - now available

Download the Report -   Annual Report 2013  [more]

Wednesday 12. March 2014
General Shareholders Meeting 2014 - Invitation and agenda available

Invitation:      Advertisement  Agenda:         English version   [more]

Thursday 27. February 2014
RoodMicrotec - EBITDA recovery to 9% and debt position reduced

Year end figures 2013 with commercial/operationa and financial highlights, key figures, sales and result, mission and strategy, outlook 2014 and financial agenda [more]

Thursday 09. January 2014
RoodMicrotec - 3% sales growth in second half of 2013

Preliminary sales figures 2013 - outlook - financial agenda 2014 - forward-looking statements [more]

Press releases 2013

Tuesday 19. November 2013
RoodMicrotec - Delivering and Listing of Warrants

Download the press release   [more]

Thursday 14. November 2013
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update

Reflection on 3rd quarter with outlook 2nd half 2013 [more]

Monday 04. November 2013
Warrant Agreement

Download the documentation here:Warrant Plan - Publication  Summary Warrant Plan   Publication by NYSE Euronext dated November 13, 2013   [more]

Wednesday 30. October 2013
RoodMicrotec's "ATLAS"-Project gets new Contract

Outsourcing contract received from a Siemens AG, Drive Technologies Division company in Germany [more]

Wednesday 25. September 2013
Project "Atlas": Outsourcing of larger projects to RoodMicrotec

RoodMicrotec has secured a major multi-year contract from an OEM - Strategic consideration -Financing - Attention for current shareholders and holders of option rights - Warrant arrangement [more]

Thursday 29. August 2013
RoodMicrotec - Interim Report 2013

Highlights HY1 2013, performance indicators, report of the management board with development, personnel, risk management, outlook & the detailed financial report 1st half 2013 [more]

Tuesday 09. July 2013
RoodMicrotec - Sales picking up in second quarter

Sales figures 1st half 2013, outlook and financial agenda [more]

Tuesday 14. May 2013
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update

Trading update and outlook 2013 [more]

Tuesday 26. February 2013
RoodMicrotec N.V. positive operating result HY2 2012; anticipates tentative market recovery

2012 highlights, key figures, finance, taxation, personnel and organisation, strategy, outlook 2013, financial agenda [more]

Thursday 10. January 2013
New Sales & Marketing Manager

Appointment of Malkit Jhitta as new Sales & Marketing Manger with short cv [more]

Thursday 10. January 2013
11% sales growth in second half 2012

Preliminary sales figures 2012 in total and per business unit, outlook, personnel, financial agenda 2013 / 2014 [more]

Press releases 2012

Thursday 15. November 2012
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update

Sales 3rd quarter 2012 - personnel - outlook 2nd half 2012 [more]

Friday 31. August 2012
RoodMicrotec Interim Report 2012

Highlights - key figures - business development - personnel - risk management - finacial results - outlook - financial agenda . . . [more]

Tuesday 10. July 2012
RoodMicrotec sales under pressure due to world market slump

Sales 1st half 2012 - Outlook - Financial agenda 2012/2013 [more]

Tuesday 15. May 2012
RoodMicrotec - Trading Update

Actual situation - personnel - outlook 2012 [more]

Thursday 23. February 2012
RoodMicrotec N.V.'s profit up by 31%

2011 Highlights - key figures - overview - finance - personnel and organisation - strategy - outlook - financial agenda [more]

Tuesday 10. January 2012
RoodMicrotec - realises marginal sales growth

Preliminary sales figures 2011 - outlook - financial agenda 2012[more]

Press releases 2011

Thursday 10. November 2011
RoodMicrotec - Trading update

Update - key events - personnel - outlook 2011 [more]

Wednesday 31. August 2011
INTERIM REPORT 2011 - RoodMicrotec N.V. growing on all fronts

Highlights - financial highlights - key figures and interim report 2011 [more]

Friday 15. July 2011
Voting Results - June 30, 2011

Result of extraordinary shareholders meeting - nomination of Wil Fluit to the supervisory board [more]

Thursday 07. July 2011
Sales growth RoodMicrotec continues in first half 2011

Provisional sales figures of 1st half 2011 - outlook - financial agenda [more]

Monday 23. May 2011
Voting results April 28, 2011

Voting results shareholders meeting [more]

Thursday 19. May 2011
Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting June 30, 2011

Location:     RoodMicrotec N.V., Dokter van Deenweg 58, 8025 BC  Zwolle Advert:        Download advertisement (Dutch only) Agenda:       Appointment of...[more]

Wednesday 11. May 2011
RoodMicrotec grows faster than global semiconductor market

Rose of turnover by over 15% in the first 4 month - Norbert Wirth joined board - financial position - proposal to appoint Wil Fluit as member of the supervisory board - outlook 2011 - financial agenda [more]

Thursday 24. February 2011
RoodMicrotec N.V. poised for further growth

2010 Highlights - commerical/operational and financials - Key figures - finance - personnel and organisation - strategy - key starting points 2011 - outlook - financial agenda - appointment N. Wirth - resignation T. Bucksch[more]

Tuesday 11. January 2011
RoodMicrotec: 31% Sales Increase in 2010

Preliminary sales figures 2010 - overview per business unit - outlook - date of General Meeting & financial agenda 2011 [more]

Press releases 2010

Tuesday 21. December 2010
RoodMicrotec strengthens equity position with almost EUR 2.0 million

RoodMicrotec N.V. has successfully secured mezzanine capital of EUR 1.994 million without repayment obligation, providing a long-term strengthening of company's equity position. [more]

Thursday 11. November 2010
RoodMicrotec: Sales Growth Continues

In the third quarter of 2010, RoodMicrotec’s sales growth was fully in line with the sales growth in the worldwide semiconductor market. [more]

Wednesday 29. September 2010
RoodMicrotec N.V. appoints Remy Cuny as new CFO

Appointment of R.A. (Remy) Cuny as new CFO [more]

Tuesday 31. August 2010
INTERIM REPORT 2010 - RoodMicrotec N.V. recovers according to plan

Highlights - financial highlights - key figures and interim report 2010[more]

Monday 30. August 2010
RoodMicrotec teams up with Sovtest ATE and Elektronstandart to support LED and LED lamp production

RoodMicrotec (Germany), Sovtest ATE (Kursk, Russia) and Elektronstandart (St. Petersburg, Russia) agreed on a cooperation in the fields of LED and complete LED lamps ... [more]

Wednesday 11. August 2010
RoodMicrotec Seminar "Solutions for reliable, timely and cost-effective results aimed at Fabless Design Companies"

View full press release as PDF INVITATION with key figures as PDF  Detailled Programme as PDF [more]

Monday 12. July 2010
update of the analyst report of the SNS-bank available

update of the analyst report of the SNS-bank available: SNS - Analyst Report 2010 07 08[more]

Monday 05. July 2010
RoodMicrotec achieves strong sales growth in first half 2010

Provisional sales revenue 1st half 2010 - sales by business unit - outlook - financial agenda[more]

Wednesday 09. June 2010
Press Conference SMT 2010

press conference PDF download(mixed german english)[more]

Wednesday 09. June 2010
RoodMicrotec expands services for High Power LED

German press announcment as PDF[more]

Wednesday 12. May 2010
RoodMicrotec realises strong sales growth and anticipates healthy growth for 2010

Trading update - official name change - organisation - financial position - outlook 2010 - financial agenda 2010/2011 - foreward looking statements [more]

Friday 26. March 2010
Vacancy - CFO - click here for details

Job description - just available in Dutch [more]

Wednesday 10. March 2010
RoodMicrotec at the Light& Building! LED reliability - no problem?

50,000 operating hours can only be promised if certain conditions are applied. [more]

Monday 01. March 2010
Failure Analysis service available in Dresden

failure analysis activities now also available in the Dresden area. [more]

Thursday 25. February 2010
Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) on its way to a recovery

Annual figures 2009 - Highlights 2009 - Outlook 2010, Consolidated income statement, consolidated balance sheet, key figures [more]

Tuesday 12. January 2010
Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec): sales recover in second half 2009

Preliminary sales figures 2009; Outlook; Financial agenda [more]

Press releases 2009

Monday 14. December 2009
RoodMicrotec signs collaboration agreement

Today Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with X-FAB, [more]

Thursday 12. November 2009
RoodMicrotec realises several operating successes

Sales growth of Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) in the third quarter of 2009 compared to the second quarter of 2009 was at least equal to the growth of the global semiconductor industry as a whole. [more]

Wednesday 28. October 2009
RoodMicrotec gives added momentum to sales organisaton in United Kingdom

RoodMicrotec has strengthened its sales force significantly with the appointment of Mike Jarvis as sales representative in the United Kingdom.[more]

Thursday 01. October 2009
Visit us at the productronica in Munich! Nov 10 - 13

Find us in hall A3, booth 321. [more]

Monday 31. August 2009
Half Year Report 2009 - Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) reduces dept position

Half year report 2009 - Highlights first half 2009 - Financial highlights first half 2009 [more]

Wednesday 26. August 2009
Automated Burn-In service with online-monitoring expanded

Burn-In with real-time monitoring pushes demand - RoodMicrotec first independent test house in Europe to offer fully automated, monitored Burn-In service. [more]

Wednesday 26. August 2009
Publication of interim half-year figures 2009

Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) brings forward publication of interim half-year figures 2009. [more]

Tuesday 07. July 2009
Rood Testhouse International N.V. (RoodMicrotec) strengthens its financial position

Provisional first half sales 2009 RoodMicrotec was formed by a merger between Rood Technology and Microtec in July 2008. Below, the sales figures of RoodMicrotec are compared to Rood Technology’s first half sales 2008 and also...[more]

Monday 29. June 2009
Refinancing completed

RoodMicrotec has reached agreement with its principal banks on a refinancing. As announced in the press release of 14 May of this year, the refinancing totals € 1.8 million. The loan has a duration of 5 years. Of the...[more]

Friday 12. June 2009
RoodMicrotec official partner with LED Light-for-You

LED-Light-for You - the LED network [more]

Thursday 14. May 2009
Growth segments of RoodMicrotec hit less hard

General state of affairs - In the first months of 2009, RoodMicrotec was affected by the cyclical downturn in line with the developments in the entire industry, but does not anticipate further deterioration. The strongly...[more]

Thursday 19. March 2009
Visit RoodMicrotec at the SMT in Nuremberg, May 5-7

RoodMicrotec exhibits at the upcoming SMT, booth optoelectronics in hall 6.[more]

Thursday 26. February 2009
Sales of Rood Testhouse International N.V. up by 37%

Consolidated sales of € 8.260 million in the second half of 2008 also constituted positive growth of 2.9% compared to RoodMicrotec’s pro-forma sales in the first half of 2008 (approx. € 8.028 million)[more]

Monday 12. January 2009
Sales growth in line with expectations/ nomination of new supervisory director

RoodMicrotec intends to appoint Mr Jan Stolker as a member of the supervisory board.[more]

Press releases 2008

Monday 01. December 2008
Strategic alliance with Millenium Microtech strengthened

To strengthen the promising strategic alliance with Millennium Microtech and to further develop the supply chain management services, RoodMicrotec intends to appoint Mr Vic Tee to the supervisory board.[more]

Thursday 13. November 2008
RoodMicrotecs` integration und optimization according to plan

Integration of Rood and microtec going according to plan. [more]

Friday 19. September 2008
ESD under control

ESD and ESDFOS (ESD From Outside to Surface) evaluation[more]

Thursday 18. September 2008
RoodMicrotec continues to grow

RoodMicrotec optimizes its organization structure and keeps on growing[more]

Thursday 07. August 2008
aim for significant improvement

The business units Test Engineering and Failure/Technology Analysis grew significantly.[more]

Thursday 31. July 2008
Rood and microtec create trading name RoodMicrotec

Rood Testhouse International N.V. presents new trading name [more]

Friday 04. July 2008
Rood Technology becomes European market leader

Rood Testhouse International N.V. has reached an agreement about the acquisition of all the shares in capital of microtec GmbH based in Stuttgart, Germany.[more]

Saturday 28. June 2008
agreement on acquisition

Further information will be disclosed as soon as possible.[more]

Saturday 14. June 2008
Publication of trading update postponed

Trading update postponed due to ongoing negotiations. [more]

Friday 30. May 2008
Failure analysis in case of solder problems

Experience in soldering as well as on device and PCB level. Qualification and failure analysis services.[more]

Thursday 10. April 2008
Extended LED service presented during SMT 08

Selection, life test and failure analysis are just a few of the services offered by the certified test lab.[more]

Thursday 28. February 2008
Rood annual results 2007: defined strategy forcefully pursued

The board of management of Rood Testhouse International N.V. (Rood Technology) today publishes its results for the 2007 financial year. [more]

Tuesday 26. February 2008
microtec exlusive partner for Compliance Test on SMSCs´ Media LB

microtec is a resource to industry leading customers worldwide and has established itself as a reliable and independent test lab for the interoperability of a variety of electronic systems.[more]

Tuesday 08. January 2008
Rood Technology sales exceeds growth of semiconductor world market

Rood Testhouse International N.V. (Rood Technology) today announces its sales figures for 2007.[more]

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