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Philip Nijenhuis, CEO (left), and Reinhard Pusch, Vice President and CSO
(right) present newly developed brand name RoodMicrotec.

Merger of Rood Technology and microtec with CEO Philip Nijenhuis (left) and
Vice President and CSO Reinhard Pusch.

LED reliability measurement and selection (definition of chromaticity coordinate)

Environmental tests: climatic and temperature storage chamber
for storage under extreme temperature/humidity conditions (constant or cycling)


Teradyne µFlex test platform for tri-temp IC-test. With various handling systems highest flexibility in package types.

Monitored burn-in for real time measurement and fast test results - required in high-rel applications, e.g. aerospace.

Solderability test in solder bath. For assessment of processability, e.g. during qualification process or for new/ modified products and longtime-stored products.

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Solder Reflow Tracking System - for development of solder profiles for various devices during qualification


Cross-section of printed circuit board for material assessment and failure localisation


Partially decapsulated IC - wet etching for failure analysis or destructive physical analysis (DPA)

Ersascope for examinations of printed board assemblies - for visual assessment of BGA solder joints.

X-ray microscope for failure analysis or qualification


Scanning electron microscope with EDX for material analysis and failure localisation

Shaker for mechanical stress test of components in random, sine, half-sine mode
and vibration

Thermographic images for detection of hot spots and assessment of heat dissipation on printed board assemblies and other devices