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RoodMicrotec GmbH

2012  Merger of RoodMicrotec Stuttgart GmbH, RoodMicrotec Nördlingen GmbH + Co. KG and RoodMicrotec Beteiliungs GmbH Nördlingen with the parent company RoodMicrotec GmbH (the former RoodMicrotec Holding GmbH)
2009  certification as one joint company
2008  Merger of Rood Testhouse International N.V. and microtec, testlab for opto+microelectronics

Rood Testhouse International N.V.

2001  Management Buy-out of the Alton UK facility
1998  Stopping J.V. in Fareast
1995  Start J.V. in Malaysia with KES
1994  Acquisition of Edgetek, France & Start J.V. in Taiwan with KES
1991  Merger with SES Electronics GmbH, Germany
1989  Merger with MTL Microtechnology Ltd., UK
1979  Separation of Rood Testhouse B.V.
1976  Foundation of C.N. Rood

RoodMicrotec Nördlingen GmbH + Co. KG

2006  Approval for certification ISO 14001
2005  Foundation of Dresden location
2004  Approval for certification ISO/TS 16949
2001  Clean room installation for wafer probing and bare die handling
1992  Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025
1991  Merger with Rood Testhouse International N.V. in Zwolle (Netherlands)
1983  Re-naming into SES Electronics GmbH offering independent test services for ICs
1974  Takeover by Philips Semiconductors
1969  Foundation of German Signetics GmbH, test and assembly location, in Nördlingen

RoodMicrotec Stuttgart GmbH

2008  Merger with Rood Testhouse International N.V.
2007  Approval for certification ISO/TS 16949
2005  Test and qualification of CCD and CMOS image sensors/ mechanical tests
2004  Strategic investment and expansion of optoelectronic, qualification and failure analysis portfolio
1996  New division electronic systems analysis
1985  Installation of the first semiconductor test system
1982  Foundation of microtec GmbH as an engineering office nearby Stuttgart (Germany)