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Weibull, MTBF calculation

ESD Audit and Evaluation

Reliability Consulting

Easy-implementable and reliable solutions from single device via interconnection technology up to the complete integrated system.

  • optimization of test programs
  • reliability assessments by WEIBULL, MTBF (MeanTime Between Failure) and FIT (Failure In Time) rate
  • component & material engineering
  • consultancy concerning production processes
  • consultancy regarding RoHS-compliance
  • market studies and technical researches
  • process and product audits
  • independent, fair-minded assessments (RoodMicrotec is accredited according ISO IEC 17025)

ESD Evaluation

ESD and ESDFOS (ESD From Outside to Surface) evaluation facilitates risk identification within production processes and of production equipment.

Based on product sensitivity regarding ESD and customer requirements, we provide you with:

  • ESD training
  • guidance for equipment release
  • equipment approval for production
  • equipment construction & maintenance 
  • equipment certification for suppliers