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High resolution microscopy for precise failure definition

Failure and Technology Analysis

Failure analyses in order to clarify the failure cause soonest possible.
From single device to the whole system - and from highly complex IC up to printed circuit board (PCB), mounting & interconnection technology and printed board assembly (PBA).

Electrical and Functional Failure Analysis

  • functional check on devices, printed board assemblies (PBAs), modules and systems
  • verification of functionality
  • circuit analysis
  • failure simulation and reproduction
  • optoelectronic and vehicle specific measurements

Physical Failure Analysis

  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • X-ray and scanning acoustic microscopy
  • light optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • chemical and mechanical decapsulation
  • failure localisation with emission microscopy and liquid cristall thermography
  • reverse processing (wet and dry etching)
  • metallographic cross-sectioning
  • mounting- and material analysis
  • solder joint assessment
  • risk analysis and recommendation of corrective actions