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OSRAM-certified partner

LED selection, classification and failure analysis

Electronical measurements, qualification and failure analysis

Expert knowledge for different optoelectronic devices such as LEDs, laser diodes, image sensors, fiber optic devices and entire optical systems.

Optoelectronic services include:

  • selection of LEDs resp. definition of chromaticity coordinate:
    parameter like XY-coordinate, dominant and peak wavelength, spectral curve
  • life test an burn-in of LEDs and laser diodes with online-measurement
  • check of heat allocation and heat dissipation
  • radiation characteristics (check of data sheet)
  • eye safety measurement for LEDs/ classification
  • risk assessment of new technologies

Failure Analysis on LEDs:

  • visual inspection to detect mechanical faults, corrosion or contamination
  • measuring of various optoelectric and electric parameters like spectrum, radiant characteristics, leakage current, thermal resistance
  • SAM (scanning acoustic microscopy), X-ray and X-sectioning to detect cracks and delaminations/ check of solder joints and bond connections
  • special preparation and failure analysis on chip level (cristal structure)

Approval and analyses for various applications like aerospace, general lighting, industry electronics, medical equipment and automotive.