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Welcome at Investor Relations

We provide our stakeholders and the capital market with comprehensive timely information so that you can accurately assess the value potential of our company. Furthermore, open communication is important to us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Five reasons to choose RoodMicrotec

For 50 years, RoodMicrotec has been one of the leading general suppliers of highly developed microchips. We provide the following benefits and core competences over other players in the market:

1.) Supply Chain Management

In comparison to sole suppliers, we support our customers in each phase of their ASIC project. We work together with reliable partners for those steps we don’t execute in-house. Thus, our customers have the advantage of having only one competent contact person who cares about all steps within the supply chain – from the first idea to the delivery of serial parts including worldwide logistics, project management and quality assurance. With us, clients get one-stop solutions – either as turnkey solutions or as single services. No matter if they need test engineering, planning and execution of different tests, qualifications or failure analysis – we completely conform to their requirements.

2.) Independency, flexibility and efficiency

Because of our long-term experience in the market, we can provide quick, individual and cost efficient solutions. Besides, we guarantee transparency and can react quickly to changes in customer’s requirements. We are able to do this, because together with our partners, we can access many different state-of-the art as well as new technologies. Thereby, we are not bound to minimum quantities like others in the market. We can organise a test series via multiproject wafers (MPW).  Thus, we offer the gamut from one up to millions of pieces per year. Also our test engineering know-how for analog, mixed-signal, sensor and HF circuits is one of our core expertises. Our experts develop for example test software and hardware or modify and optimise test solutions with the main goal of test time reduction – an important point for our customers and a competitive advantage.

3.) Special industry expertise

Especially in the automotive, industrial, healthcare and high reliability (HiRel) / space sectors we have long-term experiences and specialist know-how. For example, when it comes to very sophisticated automotive projects, we can quickly compile an interdisciplinary team and together with our customers develop individual and novel solutions. Furthermore, we support and consult especially our automotive clients in complex projects like the PPAP production approval process or the APQP production quality forecast. Very few players in the market are able to do this. Qualifications according to sophisticated automotive or HiRel requirements are also among our core competences. Thus, we support our clients for example in conducting complex qualifications according to standards like AEC-Q 100 or AEC-Q 101. A clear competitive advantage is that we not only execute those processes but also consult with our customers on planning and how they should be conducted. Consulting services concerning the AEC-Q standards includes for example robustness validation – a special qualification strategy within the automotive sector. Thereby, our customers appreciate especially our know-how in processes ‘from mission profile to qualification flow’ other suppliers can’t provide.

4.) Holistic processes and highly motivated experts

Our quality and reliability process is in great demand by our customers. In opposition to others in the market, we are able to provide a holistic improvement process including electrical and physical failure analysis. Customers appreciate our highly motivated team and experienced experts, who find the cause of failures to improve the quality and reliability of components and integrated systems.

5.) Solid basis and promising future

RoodMicrotec contributes its experience in various public funded projects like GaNScan, APreMedi, EuroPAT-MASIP and APPLAUSE in order to expand its know-how for future commercial projects. We are happy to provide you more details on these projects upon request.

All these advantages show, that RoodMicrotec is a sound investment and a flourishing company in a forward-looking business. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Please submit any job applications to bewerbung@roodmicrotec.de

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